Friday, 17 May 2013

My Other Passion

No not dancing as I have two left feet and as a child I was left traumatised by weekly ballroom dancing classes, which I hated as I was appallingly awful at following the steps and I thankfully gave up after a term. I still remember having to dance to 'Billy don't be a hero' and the Smurf song LOL! Showing my age now!!

Painting, mainly oils and soft pastels, this one is painted in oils, oils are a such a forgiving medium as they take a while to dry which means you can rectify all your mistakes, I think I prefer oils to pastels as the dust from the pastels is so messy and countless times I have accidently squashed the pastel sticks in my carpet. People have always been my favourite subject, I find landscapes difficult so nearly all my work is figurative. I've never dated my paintings so I can't remember when I painted this but it was a few years ago LOL, doesn't time fly when your a crafter!

Excuse the marks on the paintings, they are reflections from the glass when I photographed them.

Saying that I have painted a few animals, this timber wolf was painted in soft pastels and was one of the first pieces I sold, not that I've sold many! But animal fur is rather tedious to paint so I rarely paint animals now as find the older I get the less patience I have.

Anyhow I still have a few more paintings to bore you with at another stage.

Take care and happy Crafting & I'll be back on Sunday with the latest challenge from FSC xx


Ink Art Designs said...

Hi Paula...I would love to see more! They all look absolutely brilliant!!!I like all of them.
Dot x

Fliss said...

Wow Paula! These are amazing and all look absolutely beautiful in both texture and detail.
You clever thing!
Have a lovely weekend.
Hugs, Fliss xx
PS: I discovered a really lovely blog yesterday by a girl who does the most beautiful crazy quilting - if you'd like a peek you find it at:

Paula Whittaker said...

WOW you have so many talents - the pictures are stunning.

Karen said...

I am sitting here with my mouth open Paula!!!! These are absolutely amazing! I especially love the timber wolf. Wow! what a talent you have x

Sam & Poppy said...

Well now I've picked my chin up off the floor . . . I shall just sit in awe for a while. Wishing you a lovely weekend, big hugs from Poppy and me xxx

Sue said...

I'm speechless Paula. These are just stunning and what a talented lady you are. I'm so glad you decided to share them.

Dorthe said...

Amazing paintings, dear Paula,-
you truly are talented in many wayes, - The wolf is so beautiful, and I love the child painting ,too-
Wonderful works of art!

toni said...

These are truly amazing! The transparency on that beautiful ladies dress is fabulous and you've captured such expression in all of the pictures x

Ellie Knol said...

LOVE all of them !
Especially that wolf!!! You SHOULD do more of them! hehe

Paper Profusion said...

I had no idea of your painting talents! Wow - you are really good. The wolf in particular is superb - those eyes are very absorbing, plus the fur is fantastically done. Show us more! Hope you are having a lovely weekend. Nicola x

Ann B said...

Stunning paintings, you are talented.
Love the way the wolf pops out from the background - could almost reach out and stroke that thick, warm fur.
Ann B

Asia King (aka Joanna K) said...

Beautiful paintings Paula! xx

craft-roomjulia said...

Hi Paula, well what fan I say apart from your talents never cease to amaze me. These are truly amazing, you really should be a professional artist/crafter/seamstress. I dabble with watercolors and drawing, but nowhere near this standard. Julia x X X X

Netty said...

wow Paula you are so multi talented, loving all of your fabulous paintings, especially love the drama of the top painting. Thank you for sharing these terrific paintings.
Hugs Annette x

Unknown said...

OMG Paula! What a brilliant artist you are! These are stunning, simply stunning! I'm speechless! Chris xxx

Maria said...

These are fantastic Paula. I've absolutely fallen in love with the first one, but they are all very beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing more. I hate to admit this but I remember that song very well, lol. I have missed quite a lot in blogland lately, so I do apologise.

Maria xxxxx

Jenny Marples said...

Utterly speechless Paula!!!!! These are amazing - how talented can one person be! Would love to see more. Hugs, Jenny x