Sunday 27 October 2013

Shades of Autumn

Hopefully I will manage more than one blog a season. As it certainly feels very much like Autumn, I thought I would share my latest quilt, that I have just completed. It is a snuggle up on the sofa type of quilt, which is just as well with the latest fuel hikes here in the UK. I went on another workshop this time with Cherie from Beecrafty to make this heart log cabin quilt.

Quilting is a fairly time consuming process, of cutting and measuring the fabric, then machine piecing the top, layering the quilt sandwich, machine or hand quilting it all together then hand binding the edges, so my blog posts will be probably be fewer whilst in quilting mode. I have made several other stitchy items, but as some are presents, I won't be able to blog them until after the event.

We spotted this little chappy in our garden the other night, don't know where he's come from as we don't have a pond, piccy not great as it was pitch black outside so I had to use a flash, hopefully not startling Mr Frog too much. I thought he was a toad, but my husband told me he was indeed a frog as they apparently have a brown patch behind their eyes.

Happy crafting xxxx