Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Oh No Not More Bags!!

I hear you cry!! Having a grumpy few days as my crafting is not going to plan. I'm getting frustrated with my lack of inky inspiration. All my inkiness seems to have deserted me, just seem to me making a lot of mess but nothing much else. Perhaps my inky mojo has the hump with me as I'm spending more time sewing.

Anyhoo wingeing aside, as I have no inky projects to show you, thought I would show you that I haven't been idle. I am enjoying sewing and the matryoshka bag was fun to make, a bit challenging as it has an internal zipped pocket and a little mini zipped coin purse, that is attached inside. I have to make three similar as my mum wants one and I have to make two for someone for christmas presents. Don't know what to charge really as the materials are quite pricey, I always seem to pick out the expensive fabrics, so think I will just charge to cover my costs.

These sugarloaf pouches are nice to make and can be stuffed with a few goodies for christmas presents.

I used some upholstery fabric for this bag and it was a real b****r to sew. Changed my mind about the ruffle, but hey ho to late after it was all glued in place, so stuck with it now LOL!

The final bag is quite small and had quite a lot of hand sewing which I'm not too keen on, and I made a few mistakes along the way, (so lot's of unpicking going on!) I do try and rush things, need to take my time and be more like the Cadburys Caramel Bunny LOL!! Does anyone remember those adverts? Anything chocolate related always seems to stick in my mind!

That's it folks, hopefully my wondering inky mojo will return soon.

In the meantime Happy Crafting and a big thank you for all the lovely comments you are leaving and I hope to catch up on commenting later. My bag candy has now closed and I will get Hubby draw a name for me later. Have a great day. 

For all my blogging friends and my sister who lives in Washington DC take care and thinking of you all. xx


Paula Whittaker said...

I wouldnt ever complain about seeing more bags...even though I couldnt make one to save my life, I truly appreciate the work you put into them....really think you should have a Folksy/Etsy shop, I know I would be buying them!

Fliss said...

Sorry to hear your inky mojo has gone awol Paula but it's probably as your sewing one is in full flow lol
These are all absolutely stunningly lovely and I'm wishing I could sew that well.
Hugs, Fliss xx

Astrid Maclean said...

Paula, I am just completely in awe of your sewing skills, - these just look soooo professional, don't under sell yourself! A bag like that in a place like Harrods would cost a fortune! You have put your love and care into them, they are unique! Like Fliss, I wished I had a fraction of your skill with a sewing machine.
Hope your inky mojo will come back soon (I'm sure it will)

Ann B said...

Love all the bags Paula the Etsy shop.
Inky mojo will be back - will creep up on you when least expecting it, in the meantime we can enjoy lots more of your beautiful bags.
Will pop back later (fingers crossed) for the candy draw.
Ann B

PS thanks for the comments about my sock(s) I like knitting, don't have to think too much and can watch TV at the same time - oops, dropped another stitch.

Buttons said...

Will you please STOP apologising for showing us your stunning bags! Each and every one of these is a work of art (trust me, as a fellow seamstress when the time/mood takes I know how much effort goes into them!) So much love and attention to detail in each of them and they are all so different. Don't worry about the inkiness mojo. It'll return when you've had a break. Hugs, Buttons x

kjjc said...

they are all fab and will be worth every penny that you decide to charge.

lynne said...

Don't ever apologise for bag posts. I love seeing those creations.
Love the whimsy of the first but my heart was beating slightly too fast at the final two, actually I love the addition of the ruffle.
I would happily give up inks in my life if I could create such bags.
I was wondering if all was well with your sister.

Meggymay said...

All these bags are gorgeous and who wouldn't want to gaze at them. Love all the styles and materials.

Karen said...

Like Buttons, I know how much work went into these lovely bags and I could never tire of seeing them either! Dare I say that I love the upholsery fabric one the best and the pouch is to die for!!!! Did you make up the pattern for that? Hping that your sister is well xxx

Brenda Brown said...

Your muse is taking you in the direction she feels and your creativity for choosing, fabrics and bag designs is just wonderful. I have taught myself to sew a bit and just wish I could make things like this.
hugs {brenda} xox

Silvia(Barnie) said...

Wow Paula, your bags are breathtaking. Cannot wait to see more ;)

Carol Q said...

OMG what gorgeous bags. something for everyone there.

Terry said...

Well maybe you have not lost your inky mojo, the sewing mojo is just wanting a turn! These bags are fabulous! Love them all, but the upholstery fabric one is so awesome. Hugs!

Asia King (aka Joanna K) said...

I don't mind the bags! How could I - I love too much! xxx

rush said...

i love all of the bags you have made. on the first one, you said you didn't know what to charge, the supplies were expensive you would just charge to cover your supplies. never underestimate what you do. your time is as valuable as the supplies you have carefully purchased. if you are going to sell your wares, charge a fair price because you, your time and supplies are worth it! besides, if you don't charge enough, your buyers will never expect to pay anyone else what they are worth! pass it on, so to speak!

Sophie said...

Meine Güte! Nun war eich ein paar Wochen nicht da, und du hast so wunderschöne Dinge fabriziert.
Ich bin total begeistert.

Liebe Grüße

Maria said...

Wow, I think you've found your calling here Paula, your bags are really stunning! I love them all, so much attention to detail, but the one with the metal frame and the lovely ruffle is definitely jumping out at me. I think you should do your own unique line to sell. I can sew and make curtains, but definitely not these! I agree with someone else Paula, you should really put a cost to your time, it's invaluable, and you wouldn't work for free!

Take care

Maria xxxxx

Samantha Read said...

I'm with Paula W, definitely a Folksy shop! Just love them all Paula.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend, big hugs from Poppy and me xxx

Sue said...

You can never have too many of these bags Paula. I love the patterns and colours and all so different. Love the new background by the way.

toni said...

Well Paula it seems we all love your bags!!! You make them so beautifully. Your choice of fabrics and the professional finish you acheive is amazing. Like everyone else I never get tired of seeing your creations.

Elly said...

There is nothing wrong with your passion for sewing bags. It's always a pleasure to watch something different and your bags are sooooo beautiful. I agree with someone else writing in her comment: You need an Etsy shop!
xoxo Elly

Lucy Edmondson said...

Each bag you make is always so different, but so exquisite, and that ruffle is perfect. Don't undersell your bags - when I had a salary but wasn't a crafter I would have paid a lot of money if I had been lucky enough to see a bag half as beautiful. They have huge appeal beyond the crafting world. Why not try a gift shop (a specially good one),

Lucy x